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1. Why is animal waste in kennels at East?
2. Why does it seem chilly when visiting the kennel areas at West shelter?
3. Are the free Rabies vaccination clinics advertised?
4. What laws give MCACC its authority?
5. Why is it hard to believe what is on social media?
6. Why doesn’t MCACC issue free identification tags for all animals when adopted or released to their owners?
7. Why does MCACC charge $8 for a cardboard carrier?
8. Why hasn’t MCACC adopted the No Kill equation?
9. Does MCACC sign every behavior note in their system?
10. Why are animals being euthanized when there are empty kennels early in the day?
11. Why aren’t rescues forced to take the mothers of infant animals when they take the infants?
12. Are dogs exposed to diseases when placed in bins for transport to the kennels?
13. Why are photographs of animals missing when viewing the MCACC website map, Twitter, and
14. Why are there long waits when you call the MCACC general number even when the phone response says there is a one minute wait?
15. Why do dogs lose weight in the shelter? What is being done to correct this?
16. Who is the County enforcement agent concerning dogs?
17. When was the last time the County ordinance pertaining to dogs was updated?
18. Why do you send out the Pre-Euthanasia List early in the day?
19. How are the task force recommendations being managed?