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Event Request

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  2. Private or Public Event*

  3. Must be a minimum of 45 days from today.

  4. Must be a minimum of 45 days from today.

  5. If minors are in group, please list how many participants are under 18 years.

  6. Preferred Shelter Facility or Off-site Location for Event*

    Please visit for maps for our two shelters. Please note that our East Valley Animal Care Center has limited options for larger groups. Please indicate where an off-site event may be held.

  7. Please let us know how you plan to promote this event and whether this is a proposed adoption event or informational A(Licensing, Safety or Public Awareness) event.

  8. Does the group/company regularly donate or contribute to MCACC? *

  9. Reminder

    Our events team meets every two weeks to review all completed submissions. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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