Does the County buy what I sell? How do I find out?
Maricopa County purchases a wide variety of commodities and services needed to support dozens of county agencies, including public safety agencies, general offices, courts, public health and welfare, maintenance and construction of buildings, roads, parks and playgrounds. Additional information on the commodities and services purchased by the County can be obtained by searching the currently awarded contracts. This will provide information on not only what is being purchased but also the specifications, contractor and prices.

Notices are published on the Office of Procurement Services' website when the County issues formal competitive solicitations (RFPs, IFBs and RFQs) for those procurements expected to exceed $50,000. The notices are accompanied by the entire solicitation document, when practical, in a downloadable format. Notices are also posted in the Office of Procurement Services offices and published in county’s newspaper or record which is currently the Arizona Business Gazette. When a wider distribution is deemed necessary for any type of solicitation, regional and national publications may be used to circulate the required information.

Vendors that have registered on the County’s web-based E-purchasing system with a current email address should receive automatic notification of solicitations for quotes (for procurements valued $50,000 or less) in the commodity or service areas in which they have registered. Any vendor that has not registered on the County's web-based bidders' list may still obtain a copy of the quote requests by visiting the Office of Procurement Services' website.

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7. Does the County buy what I sell? How do I find out?
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