Director's Message

Taken from the Human Services Department FY19 Annual Report:

A single parent making minimum wage with young children who lag developmentally, a senior struggling to take care of herself at home, families experiencing a crisis and unable to pay their bills, a job seeker lacking skills to get a job that pays enough to support the household, families unable to find and afford adequate housing, and those who have become homeless - these are the individuals and families that the Maricopa County Human Services Department (HSD) serves every day. HSD staff deliver early education, family support, crisis assistance, employment assistance, home-based services, as well as housing and local infrastructure services through an exceedingly complicated array of federal, state, and local programs; each narrowly designed and targeted, and none resourced to meet the needs of the community.

HSD Annual Report

This past year, HSD has integrated services at all levels - from individual case coordination to cross- program linkages, service delivery, and funds utilization. HSD Divisions have moved from required eligibility-based transactions to an understanding of whole-family needs and the range of services and supports necessary to achieve lasting positive outcomes. Yet, while HSD administers many critical “pieces of the puzzle," other essential services (e.g., public assistance, health, and mental health) are delivered by other agencies at the state or local level. HSD has again emphasized and expanded public and private partnerships with other service delivery systems, including the faith and nonprofit community.

The HSD Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report provides a summary of HSD’s initiatives, accomplishments, funding, service levels, and impacts for five major program divisions. These efforts reflect HSD’s commitment to our mission, quality service delivery, and continuous improvement in meeting the social and economic needs of Maricopa County residents.

Yet, no summary of program performance can adequately reflect the impact of our work on the individuals, families, and communities we serve. I am grateful for HSD’s direct service staff, program managers, administrative support staff, executive team leaders, and our network of 134 community and intergovernmental partners, who work every day to help improve the lives of Maricopa County residents.

 Bruce Liggett, Director
Maricopa County Human Services Department

FY19 HSD Impact