If you need a land use permit in unincorporated Maricopa County (See Map) you will be applying through one of the departments below.  Land use permits are required for projects that affect county zoning ordinances or projects that take place on land owned by Maricopa County. 

Our land use permits are separated out by department: Environmental Services, Flood Control District, Planning & Development and Transportation (MCDOT). View the list of categories and permits below to see which applications and steps pertain to your project.

  1. Apply Online
  2. Apply In Person

Step 1Get Prepared.

check squareKnow what type of permit application you need to complete. View types of land use permits in Step 2. Need help with this? Call 602-506-3301.
check squareMake sure you have your site plans.
check squareKnow what other required documents you'll need to provide. These are listed on the permit applications, provided in step 2.
check squareHave your contact information, owner and property information handy. Look up your parcel number for property information. Look up your parcel number.
check squareKnow your project's upfront fees (if any). Most land use fees are provided in the applications. If you can't find your project fees, call 602-506-3301

Step 2Fill Out the Application.

The applications are listed by category/permitting department. Select the one that's right for your project. Don't see the application you're looking for?
View all permits, call 602-506-3301, or request more information online.

water dropFlood Control District

Floodplain Use, Flood Control Right-of-Way Use (Skip Step 3. These applications are submitted for processing automatically after completion.)

building solidPlanning & Development

Preliminary Plat, Final Plat, Pre ApplicationVariance,
Zone Change, Zone Change With Overlay, Zone Change: Major Amendment, Zone Change Minor Amendment, Zone Change: Modification of Conditions

road solidTransportation (MCDOT)

Right-of-Way (Get detailed information about applying. Skip Step 3.)

leaf solidEnvironmental Services

Stormwater - Pre-Construction, Post Construction (Fill out and drop off in person/mail CD/flash drive. Skip Step 3.)


If you completed a permit application that fell under the Planning & Development category/permitting department you will apply online using the permit tool.
Here you will either register as a first-time user or sign in. The tool will walk you through a number of questions and prompts. You will be uploading the permit application you filled out, along with your required PDF documents and paying any up front fees, if applicable.

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