Contact MCACC

Main Phone Number: (602) 506-7387                              Public Records Webpage

Email: Customer Service Center                                         Email: Crystal Enojos

Lost and Found Phone Number: 602-372-4598 

Email: Lost and Found

Management Team:

Michael Mendel

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Phone: (602) 506-2623

Crystal Enojos

Deputy Director
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Phone: (602) 506-5100


West Shelter Manager
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Chris Carlisle
East Shelter Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-6276

Al Aguinaga
Field Services Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-2737

Kim Powell

Communications Officer
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Phone: (602) 506-2759

Gina Martino
Outreach Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-0271

Chief Veterinarian
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Kathy Semder

Safety and Development Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-8267

Rhiannon Davies

Clinic Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-2741

Kyle Simmons
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
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Phone: (602) 506-8133