Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program (EROP)

Maricopa County's Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program (EROP) departments seek to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. Because we understand that regulations and rule-making decisions, discussions, and meetings can be confusing, we have developed this web-site to allow citizens to easily monitor and engage in the adoption and amendment of all regulations.

Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program Process

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors adopted a county-wide Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program (EROP) policy in an effort to promote consistency and transparency among regulatory departments during the rule making process. This comprehensive process allows multiple opportunities for stakeholder input regarding the amendment and adoption of all regulatory requirements. Stakeholders can follow proposed rules throughout the process and are encouraged to provide comments at any given time during the process. Stakeholders are also encouraged to sign up to receive notifications about upcoming meetings and may submit a complaint if the department fails to observe the written procedures outlined in the policy.


Your input is especially important. By viewing the Comments form, you can provide feedback concerning regulations you are particularly interested in. If at anytime you are dissatisfied with the process, please provide feedback concerning specific regulations here.
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