Real Estate Department

The Real Estate Department provides county management with professional expertise to administer its real estate and space needs to include:
  • the acquisition of land and improvements
  • acquisition of leased space
  • maintaining databases of county owned and leased facilities
  • disposal of excess real property

The Property Management Specialists are trained to facilitate and assist the various county departments with real estate and space needs and to expedite interdepartmental and intra-agency contracts and agreements. We also act as a point of contact for brokers, agents and the general public seeking information or to provide services to Maricopa County.

Providing information on which to base well-informed decisions as well as assisting departments with internal processes and procedures to insure that legal and fiduciary responsibilities are met are the core functions performed by this division. 

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Surplus Property Information

Auction Announcement

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Public Records Request

To obtain copies of Real Estate Department records, please fill out the appropriate records request form.