Document Related Difficulties & Questions

Adobe PDF Download/Use/Save Difficulties

Acrobat Reader

Many alternative PDF readers cannot read fillable, interactive PDFs correctly. We recommend that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer before you try to access the Permit Application forms.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for Free

Adobe Reader Download Help Sheets
If you have any difficulties downloading Acrobat Reader, or about the process, we have provided a help sheet in Microsoft Word and PDF format:

Problems with PDFs, Browser Settings and Operating Systems

Please note that some browsers and operating systems have preset preferences that may need to be changed. Guides for Windows 10 and for the four major browsers are provided in the "Guides" section of this page.

Guides for Browser Settings and for Windows 10

Each of the popular browsers has changed the way that they open PDFs. This interferes with the behind-the-scenes functions of the forms that should let you save and customize the forms. The guides below show how to change your settings so that PDFs will open and save correctly. Right-click and download the help sheet if it does not open in your browser.


If you have any questions or problems in downloading, saving, or using these applications, please access one of our helpful guides, Email Development Services or call 602-506-6010.