Facilities Management

The Maricopa County Facilities Management Department (FMD) is responsible for maintaining and overseeing improvements to 238 Count-owned facilities and properties totaling approximately 10.5 million gross square feet.

FMD is comprised of four internal divisions: the Design division; the Capital Facilities division; the Operations and Maintenance division; and the Business Services division.

As the landlord and steward of County-owned facilities, FMD provides the following services:  
  • Essential corrective Operations and Maintenance services to ensure and preserve  safe, functional and efficient working environment for County employees and the public citizens that they serve. 
  • Programmatic identification and assessments of departmental tenant needs within their occupied facilities through architectural programming and schematic design.
  • Oversight, coordination and management of the construction implementation of new capital facilities, tenant improvements and upgrades to building systems and equipment.
  • Budgetary estimating for fiscal planning by each department and County management.