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The Maricopa County Human Services Department (HSD) provides services and builds resiliency in the community for County residents experiencing adversity. These opportunities include early childhood education, housing, and community development projects, independent living services for seniors and adults with disabilities, career development for adults and youth who have barriers to employment, rental and utility assistance, and support for people experiencing homelessness. Program divisions are responsible for coordinating and delivering services while HSD’s Office of the Director provides leadership, vision, and policy direction to these program divisions and the HSD as a whole. The targeted geographic coverage of HSD’s major programs is based on State, Federal, or contracted service area assignments. HSD provides leadership countywide and fosters major system regional collaborations and partnerships to improve access to coordinated and comprehensive human services. HSD is committed to delivering innovative, equitable, inclusive, and comprehensive services in a collaborative approach that preserves dignity, promotes respect, and facilitates social and economic mobility.


Jacqueline Edwards is Director of the Maricopa County Human Services Department (HSD). She received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from John Carroll University and a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from The Ohio State University. Before working in HSD, Jacqueline worked at The Ohio State University and in the County’s Office of Management and Budget where she was responsible for budgets totaling $350M and public policy analysis, including the Affordable Care Act’s impact on substance abuse and mental health treatments. As Director, Jacqueline leads cross-divisional program initiatives to align programs and services for the clients' benefit, including HSD’s approaches and family-centered coaching initiatives. This cross-divisional work has been recognized nationally as an emerging best practice. In addition, she also oversees the HSD’s Administration, Policy, and Planning Division. Her passion for public service and helping those in need achieve their dreams drives her work in human services.

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Office of the Director:

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