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Maricopa County's Wellness Works program supports and encourages a healthy workforce by providing programs and resources to help employees maintain or improve their health.


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June is Financial Wellness Month

Financial wellness is having a relatively stress-free relationship with your finances. Stress related to money can affect every aspect of your life. Attend one or all three of these webinars on Thursday, June 10 to help you on your path to financial wellness. The webinars are presented by My Secure Advantage, a partner of Magellan Health. Register, even if you cannot attend, to receive a recording of the webinar.

Money Basics: Let’s Build a Plan
9:00-10:00 am
This class explains the importance of controlling spending, managing debt, prioritizing savings and maintaining excellent credit.

Register here.

Getting and Keeping Good Credit
11:00 am-12:00 pm

Learn what determines a credit score, how to establish new credit, how to recover from credit challenges, and best practices for maintaining an excellent credit score.

Register here.

Raising Money-Savvy Kids
1:00 pm-2:00 pm 

This class will help you understand whether your child is naturally a spender, a saver, or somewhere in between. You’ll receive tools and guidelines for teaching children valuable money concepts.

Register here.

County Cookbook Cover for MyMC

County Cookbook!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their favorite recipe(s) for the first ever County Cookbook. It's full of interesting and nutritious recipes from your co-workers. Check it out!

Results from the U.S. National Parks Destination Challenge

Over 150 teams and 666 people trekked across the country to compete in the National Parks Challenge. 

The five teams with the most steps are:

  1. Walk the Walk: 2,571,141
  2. Merry-GO-Round: 2,212,217
  3. Let's Go!: 1,964,312
  4. Pleasant Trail Blazers: 1,889,371
  5. Step It Up... ButterCup: 1,873,547

And the individuals who had the most steps are:

  1. Terry Gerber: 758,979
  2. Rosanna Ruiz: 700,044
  3. Renee Hernandez: 661,530
  4. Wendy Phillips: 640,520
  5. David Jordan: 639,915

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Zion National Park

Wellness Portal!

Your Wellness Portal is where you’ll go to elevate your health and wellness and earn your Wellness Reward of $60/month! Register here. Call 866-941-2143 with questions.

The activities required to earn your Wellness Reward include completing a Health Check Survey (health assessment), and two “Your Choice” activities.

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  • LA Fitness memberships at reduced rates for County employees and their familiesWellness Banner
  • Onsite Fitness Centers with free memberships at various County locations
  • Weight Watchers at Work reimbursement for employees who meet program requirements
  • Wellness campaigns offered throughout the year (Bike to Work Day, Fitness Walk, etc.)
  • A  Wellness Incentive ($60.00/month) to help employees reduce the cost of their medical premium

Detailed information about these programs can be found on the County’s Intranet, (MyMC) on the Wellness Works page.