Technical Resources

  1. Engineering Tools

    Learn more about the available engineering tools including the HEC-1 HC Card Cumulative Drainage Area Calculation Took, Flo-2D View, and the NSTPS Tool 1.0.0.

  2. Flood Control District Library Catalog

    The online library catalog search shows engineering documents such as studies, reports, technical resources, structure plans, and drainage study maps that are available for viewing at the Flood Control District (District) offices and, in many cases, that can be downloaded directly.

  3. Maps & Services

    Geographic information system technology is used at the District for scientific investigations, resource management, asset management, environmental impact assessment, development planning, general cartography and floodplain mapping.

  4. Software

    The District provides useful engineering software and training opportunities for the benefit of the private and public sector working on hydrology, hydraulics, and flood control projects.